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Updates to our services section of website

posted 22 Sept 2016, 06:32 by Kevin Dryden

We have updated the services section to better describe what we offer.

Supply, Installation and Servicing are all equally important in being able to offer the complete service our customers need.

You can see the new section by following this link:  Services

Aceair takes on new IT service provider "Drydenet"

posted 14 Oct 2009, 23:16 by Kevin Dryden

Aceair have just made a deal with IT Support provider "Drydenet" to promote and create a new website and corporate image across the internet.

We have had many sucessful years of dealing with big corporate contracts but with the recent housing developments and thousands of houses being built we want to approach the new homes market as well.

We will be allocating considerable budget to promoting the company as a local brand and advertising through several mediums to become the best known air conditioning company in the area.  Our experienced tradesmen have been instructed that it is shoes off and hands washed from now on when installing systems in to people's brand new nicely decorated homes.

We look forward to posting some images of our new residential jobs.

Aceair signing up to the Trader's Websites.

posted 14 Oct 2009, 23:11 by Kevin Dryden

Aceair have just decided that we will be signing up to all the major "Trust a Trader"  or  "Check a Trade" style websites.

It is hoped that this will enable us to approach our new market and establish reputation online that we have previously earned in other market areas.

We hope that you might leave us a review on these websites talking about any previous work we have done for you and we look forward to establishing ourselves as the number one local provider of air conditioning installation and services.

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